The purpose of this site is to provide readers with important factual information and rational analysis of major issues with human impact. The idea is to promote human well being and a livable planet through knowledge and understanding.

This blog presents a journal of ideas, analysis, and source materials on world issues.

Global Geopolitics & Political Economy Insight. is a new section of Global Geopolitics Net sites. This part of the site is reserved regular ongoing news, insight,  and analysis of global political economy, contemporary history, and geopolitics. The focus of the analysis will be comparative, global, multidimensional, factually based, and drawing on insights from many fields of knowledge and multiple sources.

Global Geopolitics & Political Economy Insight.is a non-commercial Internet forum for ideas and analysis on world history, geography, and important economic and political issues that impact the lives of people around the planet. The goal is to develop critical analysis of history and social issues and feasible and effective policy alternatives that enhance human well being and lead to sustainable development, shared prosperity and economic justice on a global scale.

The approach to history, society, and political economy presented here will be trans-disciplinary and multidimensional. There will be no artificial separation of economics, politics and social issues. No particular discipline will be recognized as supreme, only sound rational, ethical and factually based analysis grounded in reality rather than a priori dogma or propaganda serving selfish interests.

The site presents a range of viewpoints and analytical perspectives.  Materials on the site reflect the viewpoint, analytical perspective, or factual presentation of each individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor. The site is a non-commercial site oriented to providing information and analysis for purposes of public education and in service of the global public interest.

Global Geopolitics & Political Economy Insight presents regularly updated information, analysis, and commentary on major global issues such as peace and war, human rights, intelligence gathering, terrorism, globalization, economic development, and the environment, as well as the internal politics of major countries and crisis areas. The site is sponsored by Global Geopolitics Net as a noncommercial educational service aimed at fostering public understanding of complex problems and issues facing the world today.

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